Thanks to the latest newsletter from Telford & Wrekin Council, we’re thrilled to hear everything is progressing well and on schedule.

Concrete piling works are in progress at the back of Platform 2 and will see more adjacent to Rampart Way. The Council has replaced temporary mesh fencing with solid timber panels at the section adjacent to Telford Central Station.

The complex steel bridge has been in production at an off-site factory for the past four months in preparation for on-site construction, and is due to be sectioned and painted before its delivery to Telford.

Once it’s all onsite, construction of the rail bridge will commence and the fabric roof, GRP ceiling and glazed balustrades will be prepared for installation in its final position in July 2018.

The development also welcomed its first Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) site audit on Monday 12th February from a local monitor. The purpose of the visit was to subjectively assess the level of compliance the construction site has achieved against the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice, achieving the following (7 being scored as very good, and 8 as excellent):

  • Care about Appearance | 8/10
  • Respect the Community | 8/10
  • Protect the Environment | 7/10
  • Secure everyone’s Safety | 8/10
  • Value their Workforce | 8/10

It aims to maintain these standards and review opportunities to improve.

As soon as we hear more, we’ll of course post updates here.

Paul Hinkins