The ScaleUp Institute’s 2018 ScaleUp Survey – the UK’s largest survey of fast-growing companies – is now open, so if you want your views and needs to be heard, you can complete it here (it should take about 15-20 minutes).

The  Scaleup Survey is now in its fifth year. Its influence and importance has grown rapidly, as it focuses attention on what high-growth firms such as our Members and the wider business community most value and need.  With March 2019 around the corner, this is a crucial moment in which Britain’s scaling companies must make their voice heard.

It is vital that ScaleUp Institute understands from businesses the main barriers holding back their growth, and what they need from the private and public sectors to help them continue to scale. This will help the team to seek to improve the business environment for fast-growing companies across the UK.

Irene Graham

CEO, ScaleUp Institute